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Water cycle adventure game complete
January 15, 2024

One of the CO2 Foundation’s first grants supported creation of a 2D adventure video game, accompanied by free curriculum and educator training. The adventures of the game’s main character, now known as Matty the Molecule, reflect extreme weather and other climate change-related impacts to the water cycle.

Upon completion of Chapter 3 of the game–“EXTREME Weather”–creator Rick Reynolds facilitated a workshop about the game and overall program at the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) conference. There, about 30 grade 3-8 educators and STEM education faculty from across the U.S., Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Sweden, and Fiji were able to play and discuss the game. Feedback was positive and constructive.

The Matty team then worked on consistent narration and finishing the fourth chapter in strong partnership with the Foundation for Water and Energy (FWEE) Board of Directors. The plan is next to create iOS and Mac versions, in addition to the versions for browser-based play and Android devices available now, and lean into facilitating professional development for educators.

The CO2 Foundation recently contributed a small additional donation to complete Chapter 4 and package the whole game together. And, good news: the game is playable now, and making waves! Visit The Astounding Adventures of Matty the Molecule to play.