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Supporting climate change content in public media
February 24, 2023

GBH is an award-winning journalism and educational content producer, home to shows viewed around the world like NOVA and Frontline. The CO2 Foundation is proud to be lending our support to the GBH Planet Future Fund, established “to produce programs that amplify climate and environmental issues with an eye toward illuminating practical, equitable and sustainable solutions to the current climate crisis.”

The Planet Future Fund aims “to bring public attention to the problems of climate change, as well as to the climate solvers who are focusing on the future and charting paths toward solutions already within our grasp.” NOVA programming supported by the Planet Future Fund includes Climate Across America, a national initiative spotlighting how climate change affects communities across the U.S. NOVA is working with 10 public media stations and students in classrooms to produce and distribute climate-focused content, rolling out in spring 2023.

As part of the campaign, NOVA is premiering the documentary “Weathering the Future” about the dramatic ways our weather is changing and how local communities are developing innovative solutions to adapt. The initiative extends into classrooms with NOVA Science Studio, NOVA’s first youth media program, through which high school students will report on climate impacts in their communities.

The CO2 Foundation appreciates the outstanding journalism GBH produces, and educational content it makes broadly available. We share the GBH belief that all citizens deserve access to knowledge, and that a strong educational foundation helps all of us make informed decisions and engage with our communities. We are releasing this grant under a funding opportunity that highlights the impacts of extreme weather, which is becoming more frequent and severe as the climate changes, and how communities are preparing for and responding to these phenomena.

Read more about GBH’s commitment to environmental engagement here, and access its climate and environment content here; we look forward to supporting the continual growth of this work.