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Funding Opportunity

Recognizing and responding to the threat of climate-amplified extreme weather

Opportunity Summary

Public awareness is growing rapidly about the connections between climate change and increasingly frequent, intense, and dangerous extreme weather events. The CO2 Foundation is committed to advancing the social and cultural understanding of these connections, in order to support investments towards stronger, more resilient communities. We aim to reduce the negative impacts of climate change-exacerbated extreme weather events on people and institutions.

With this funding opportunity, the CO2 Foundation is initiating its first call for proposals. Future calls will expand to include additional Foundation program areas. We welcome your questions and feedback; please start a conversation by emailing

Applications that are received before
will receive priority.

We anticipate funding projects which:

  • Increase public education about the connections between extreme weather and climate change;
  • Facilitate effective response strategies to climate-exacerbated disasters; and
  • Enhance social, cultural, and community resilience.

Who Should Apply

Organizations engaged in the following activities are encouraged to apply:

  • Advocacy: Effective advocacy and coalition-building.
  • Awards: Producing awards programs (for instance, recognizing especially effective journalism and other types of public communications).
  • Conferences: Convening emergency managers, scholars, scientists, legislators and concerned citizens.
  • Education: Effective public communication and education programs on preparedness for and responses to climate-exacerbated extreme weather.
  • Journalism: Leading on reporting and journalist training connecting extreme weather to climate change.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks: Analysis and research on the policy landscape of extreme weather linked to climate change, and disaster response that integrates mitigation priorities.
  • Scholarship: Scholarly work on the connections between climate change and extreme weather.

Process and Timeline

Prospective grantees should submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to have their proposal considered. Under this funding opportunity, the Foundation will prioritize LOIs received by March 31, 2022.