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Extremes in 3D series focuses first on fire
March 08, 2023

Knee Deep Times is a San Francisco Bay Area-based news outlet focused on telling stories of climate resilience. Funded by the CO2 Foundation to create a series called “Extremes in 3D”, the newsroom has recently completed its first story sequence within the project.

The first in a set of five planned for this project, the three-part sequence includes science, people, and place stories on topics related to fire. The series summary reads as follows: “A future with fire has settled itself into our very being as Californians. It’s happened enough times, we know the drill. Science is telling us how and when to evacuate, and where to expect mudslides and debris flows from burn scars. Neighbors at the edge of wildlands are sharing the burden of brush clearing and backyard fire safety. Schools in smoke zones are increasingly aware they may be the last healthy refuge for kids already struggling to breathe.” The next sequences within the series will follow a similar format, with three stories each focused on water, storm, heat, and seasons.

The CO2 Foundation remains enthusiastic to be supporting a project that has a practical and locally-relevant focus, and welcomes new audiences and journalists to these important topics. Engaging with the voices of people who are directly affected by climate-exacerbated extreme weather supports local communities’ storytellers as spokespeople.

Kudos to the team at Knee Deep Times, and we look forward to reading the rest of the series!