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Come on in! Our open door policy
November 04, 2021
Dear Grantees and Community Members,

Welcome to the CO2 Foundation; we’re excited you’re here. This post is intended to open our door wide and invite you into our network.

The CO2 Foundation is an organization founded by Drs. William Calvin and Katherine Graubard, in pursuit of their desire to have a catalytic and positive impact on the climate science and solutions community.

As an organization, we are working to serve our community, invest in impactful organizations, people, and ideas, and be a trusted partner for the public. To this end, we are here and responsive to you. So, if you as a donor or community partner ever have questions for us, we encourage you to reach out.

While the Foundation intends to issue discrete and targeted calls for Letters of Inquiry, with clear submission end dates, we also know that good ideas and opportunities don’t always track with institutional funding cycles. So, please know we are open to being approached regarding off-cycle funding inquiries.

And, we are open to new ideas! So, if your project fits a bit “outside the box” of our funding calls, please reach out to us. We welcome your creative ideas and engagement with the philanthropic lens the Foundation is using to execute on our mission.

Finally, our hope is to make the proposal and administrative process as easy and transparent as possible for you, so you and your team can get back to your important work. As always, email us at to connect.

Thanks for all you do,

The CO2 Foundation